Looking for a traineeship, job or just plain fun!

Espoo, Finland

Solve the Challenge

First rule of Nixu Challenge is to do your best. Even if you don’t fully solve all the challenges, you still have a chance at the traineeship and future at Nixu. Dream big and go for it with all you got.

This year we have several challenges to discover. Solve as many as you can.

What is the Challenge?

The Nixu Challenge is a fun way to show us your skills. Through the Challenge you can apply a traineeship or a permanent position with us.

If you are not looking for a traineeship or employment you can test your skills just to have fun!

Read more about the Challenge thenixuchallenge.com

Traineeship at Nixu

As a Trainee you will find out what happens under the engine cover of the information society. Your work involves diverse engineering challenges and hands-on training on cybersecurity in different teams. Contents of your trainee program will be built individually based on your competences and Nixu business needs. You will have a coach who helps you to develop during the program.

As a Trainee you will have a fixed-term employment contract for the traineeship period. During that you will compensated with a trainee level monthly salary. Nixu Trainee Program will begin in April / May 2018. The length of the trainee period varies from 2,5 to 5 months depending on Nixu’s business needs, the candidate’s availability and competences.

The Trainee Program takes place at Nixu headquarters in Espoo, Finland. However, you can solve the challenge and write the report and use it in your job application for positions for all Nixu’s locations. We are constantly looking for new talents!

Please notify that working on a security industry may require Employer to request a personnel security clearance by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.


Go to thenixuchallenge.com and solve as many individual challenges as you can and write a report. The report should contain a short description how you solved it. Even if you don’t fully solve all the challenges, you still have a chance at the traineeship and future at Nixu. Attach also your CV.

The application period is from 26 February to 18 March, 2018.

The successful applicant will be invited for an interview at the Espoo office in the end of March.


If you have questions you can contact Pauliina Snellman +358 40 700 4263 or pauliina.snellman(a)nixu.com

To apply follow this link.