Cars are one of the households most cost driving assets, and yet, it is standing still 97% of the time. In Europe there are more than 300 million cars and according to research one out of five cars owners are open to share their vehicles with other people. Carsharing has a potential in the hundreds of billions, however today this market is not developed.
CiaoCiao are about to launch a superior peer-to-peer carsharing platform that will disrupt the carsharing and car rental market by taking down the price for renting a car with 20% whilst lowering emissions and making people earn money on their vehicles.
We are looking for a driven additional co-founder to be a part of our leadership team.
Your role will be to be the architect and developer that will create the prerequisites for our platform solution. You are a good programmer and you work hard to get the job done. You will for sure get in touch with mobile apps, web apps, fast backend solutions to master all data flows from connected vehicles etc. In the role you will be working together with the leadership, hardware developers, marketing & sales team and the customers to supply a user-friendly app platform to the market.

We are hiring continuous so be sure to shoot us an e-mail or give us a phone call as soon as possible.
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Carl Törnström
Business Development Manager 0760 11 25 25