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Master thesis at Whywaste

Developing machine learning algorithms to predict outcomes in retail.

Whywaste is a well funded and rapidly growing SaaS startup on a mission, to eliminate food waste.
Right now we are working with most major Swedish food retail chains, with sights set on expanding internationally in the near future.
So what do we do for the food retailers? Through our innovative solutions we help them identify and sell food that is about to expire. The impact we have is amazing and we will tell you more in person!
However, to even further help our customers we now want develop our Machine learning practice. We have lots and lots of cool data. Data no one else has. Data we love. We know that with this data it is possible to predict if, and when, something will be sold at retailers.
So, we are looking for highly motivated students to apply machine learning algorithms to find out what is going to happen to that carton of milk you see in the store every day. We are highly flexible in what kind of algorithms and programming language (Be it R, Python or something completely different) you will use. Instead, you will be allowed the freedom to decide this yourself (With help from us, of course).

What we do together will have real impact at real stores. So, we just look forward to seeing what we develop together being used at all the food retailers.
Does it sound interesting? Send a quick e-mail to hello@whywaste.se (No need for long or fancy cover letters) about yourself and we’ll take it from there. We will be filling the thesis spot as soon as we find the candidate(s) we’re looking for, so if you don’t want to miss out apply as soon as possible.

Remuneration: If we are really impressed by you there are significant opportunities for full time employment after you have finished your studies.
Further, if the outcome of the thesis is successful you will of course receive compensation as per agreed beforehand.

Hope to hear from you!


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