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Passionerad Utvecklare inom Embedded Systems till Consilium

Consilium Marine and Safety söker dig som vill arbeta med programmering inom Embedded System och är klar med din utbildning nu i sommar

  • https://www.badenochandclark.se/ledigt-jobb/it-passionerad-utvecklare-inom-embedded-systems-till-consilium-rekrytering/?ID=74eec0c1-7486-44ee-a6ac-37f9a93a0a23

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Junior developer traniee inom TV-tjänster till global telecomkoncern – extra-, sommar- och fortsättningsjobb

Studerar du data/programmering/systemvetenskap och vill få en blixtstart på karriären? Vi på Eleven Bemanning AB söker nu för kunds räkning drivna och positiva studenter som vill arbeta extra vid sidan av sina studier, sommarjobba och fortsätta hos kundföretaget som ett första jobb efter examen. Hos oss på Eleven får du chansen att dryga ut din studentkassa samtidigt som du skapar dig erfarenhet för framtida arbeten.

Kundens produkt TV-tjänster är ett prioriterat område inom koncernen och företaget lägger mycket resurser bakom utvecklingen av nästa generations TV-lösningar. Om du är intresserad av att arbeta med en produkt med enorm potential, så är det här platsen att vara. Ditt arbete kommer direkt att påverka runt 1 miljon kunder.


Snart kommer Deloitte Case Tour Till Göteborg!

I Jakten på framtida Consulting-kollegor arrangerar Deloitte casetävlingen Deloitte Care Tour. I april håller vi deltävlingar i Linköping, Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö där du som student tävlar om att hitta den bästa lösningen på vårt verklighetsbaserade case. Vinnarna från varje ort möts sedan i en exklusiv final med övernattning i Stockholm den 24-25 maj.

Ta chansen att visa upp dina skills som problemlösare och samtidigt lära dig mer om vad en karriär inom Consulting på Deloitte kan innebära! Läs mer och ansök senast 18 Mars på: www.deloitte.se/ledigajobb

Varvet bjuder till lunchföreläsning 20 Mars!

The Nixu Challenge 2018

Looking for a traineeship, job or just plain fun!

Espoo, Finland

Solve the Challenge

First rule of Nixu Challenge is to do your best. Even if you don’t fully solve all the challenges, you still have a chance at the traineeship and future at Nixu. Dream big and go for it with all you got.

This year we have several challenges to discover. Solve as many as you can.

What is the Challenge?

The Nixu Challenge is a fun way to show us your skills. Through the Challenge you can apply a traineeship or a permanent position with us.

If you are not looking for a traineeship or employment you can test your skills just to have fun!

Read more about the Challenge thenixuchallenge.com

Traineeship at Nixu

As a Trainee you will find out what happens under the engine cover of the information society. Your work involves diverse engineering challenges and hands-on training on cybersecurity in different teams. Contents of your trainee program will be built individually based on your competences and Nixu business needs. You will have a coach who helps you to develop during the program.

As a Trainee you will have a fixed-term employment contract for the traineeship period. During that you will compensated with a trainee level monthly salary. Nixu Trainee Program will begin in April / May 2018. The length of the trainee period varies from 2,5 to 5 months depending on Nixu’s business needs, the candidate’s availability and competences.

The Trainee Program takes place at Nixu headquarters in Espoo, Finland. However, you can solve the challenge and write the report and use it in your job application for positions for all Nixu’s locations. We are constantly looking for new talents!

Please notify that working on a security industry may require Employer to request a personnel security clearance by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.


Go to thenixuchallenge.com and solve as many individual challenges as you can and write a report. The report should contain a short description how you solved it. Even if you don’t fully solve all the challenges, you still have a chance at the traineeship and future at Nixu. Attach also your CV.

The application period is from 26 February to 18 March, 2018.

The successful applicant will be invited for an interview at the Espoo office in the end of March.


If you have questions you can contact Pauliina Snellman +358 40 700 4263 or pauliina.snellman(a)nixu.com

To apply follow this link.

Silicon Labs söker drivna Ingenjörer som brinner för digital design!


Oslo, Norway

Silicon Labs is the leading provider of silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world.

How Silicon Labs Norway Works
We are an elite team of IC Design, IC Validation, Software and HW/Tools engineers focused on developing and validating key components of the Silicon Labs IoT product portfolio. Our team has a deep understanding of all aspects of our MCU and Wireless products, from design to delivering a complete customer friendly system. Silicon Labs EFR32 and EFM32 MCU and Wireless product portfolios both originate from the Norway team. We take great pride in the technology that we deliver. We have a passion for what we do and always seek out better ways to serve our customers.

How the Oslo Digital Design Team works
The EFR32 and EFM32 MCU and Wireless products combine an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiver.  These devices are well suited for a variety of applications across a wide range of RF protocols, digital protocols, and power levels.

The Oslo digital design team is, in collaboration with sites in Austin and Singapore, responsible for development of these products. We deliver a low power, simplicity focused platform, which is the base for all Silicon Labs MCUs and Wireless MCUs. In addition to contributing to this platform, the Oslo Digital Design Team drives full projects from specification to validation.
We leverage our history of low power, simplicity focused designs to make the best products for the future of the Silicon Labs IoT story.

Why this position matters
The Internet of Things is a fast growing, innovative market.  Silicon Labs has invested in a number of exciting and market-leading highly integrated mixed signal SoCs aimed at IoT. The low power Gecko MCUs and Wireless MCUs that we develop will be deployed in literally millions of products worldwide. The IoT is the future of Silicon Labs and the Oslo Digital Design team is at the forefront of that initiative. As a Digital Design Engineer you will work with our other digital and analog teams as well as with software teams and marketing to define and deliver key features within the low power Gecko MCU and Wireless MCU platform.

Is this a great match for you?
It is if you are a highly motivated, self-driven, talented Digital Design Engineer or New College Graduate in Electrical Engineering with demonstrated knowledge in logic design, computer architecture and VLSI. Affinity with microcontrollers and software/firmware languages is considered a plus. Successful candidates will have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

Essential Functions

  • Detailed block architecture/design of digital circuits
    • Develop block specification and architecture
    • Implement design through RTL coding, adhering to quality guidelines
  • SoC Integration
    • Integration of digital blocks / IP into the SoC infrastructure
  • Verification
    • Block level verification to validate block performance with adherence to requirements using directed, random, and assertion based methods
    • Develop system tests using C-code to be executed in SoC processor
    • Run and debug simulations
  • Documentation
    • Perform requirement, architecture, design, and verification reviews
    • Develop customer facing reference manual and datasheet material

Desired skills

  • Completing or recently completed BS or MS (preferred) in Electrical Engineering
    •  Strong knowledge of engineering fundamentals
    • Coursework should include:
    •  Logic Design
    •  Computer Architecture
    •  VLSI
    • Object Oriented Programming
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers is a plus
  • Knowledge of software/firmware languages (C) is a plus

Personal Profile

  • Enthusiastic, creative and innovative
  • Excellent analytical and system troubleshooting skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills (English)
  • Team player

More About Us
We hire the most innovative talent in the world to solve the industry’s toughest problems, providing our customers with significant advantages in performance, energy savings, connectivity and design simplicity. Silicon Labs’ software and mixed signal engineering teams create solutions for customers in diverse markets including the Internet of Things (IoT), internet infrastructure, TV tuners, as well as automotive and consumer radios. Our solutions are in products from the market leaders in home automation, electric vehicles, green technology, smart TVs and home voice control automation.

APPLY for this position here.
…or send an email with your application, CV, grades and references to dl.careers@silabs.com

Acando bjuder in till lunchföreläsning och kvällsmingel!

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Opportunity to become Co-founder in Start-up!

Cars are one of the households most cost driving assets, and yet, it is standing still 97% of the time. In Europe there are more than 300 million cars and according to research one out of five cars owners are open to share their vehicles with other people. Carsharing has a potential in the hundreds of billions, however today this market is not developed.
CiaoCiao are about to launch a superior peer-to-peer carsharing platform that will disrupt the carsharing and car rental market by taking down the price for renting a car with 20% whilst lowering emissions and making people earn money on their vehicles.
We are looking for a driven additional co-founder to be a part of our leadership team.
Your role will be to be the architect and developer that will create the prerequisites for our platform solution. You are a good programmer and you work hard to get the job done. You will for sure get in touch with mobile apps, web apps, fast backend solutions to master all data flows from connected vehicles etc. In the role you will be working together with the leadership, hardware developers, marketing & sales team and the customers to supply a user-friendly app platform to the market.

We are hiring continuous so be sure to shoot us an e-mail or give us a phone call as soon as possible.
Video Intro

Carl Törnström
Business Development Manager
carl_tornstrom@hotmail.com: 0760 11 25 25

Apply to the AKKAdemy today!


Are passionate about technologies? Do you want to contribute to the change that technology is bringing to the world? Are you ready to launch your career at an international level?

If your answers are yes, you might want to join our new International Graduate Engineering Program at AKKA Technologies!

Read more about the program and apply at www.theakkademy.com

Pubkväll med SAAB!

Den 5e december kommer SAAB och har pubkväll!
Vid 17.30 är det först en presentation i EA, och sedan blir det pub med mat, dryck, och mingel med SAAB i Basen!

Anmäl er på https://podio.com/webforms/19948924/1353961

“Är du intresserad av att få veta mer om Saabs arbete inom
Public Safety? Vi utvecklar mjukvaruprodukter av världsklass och
våra system används till polis, flygplatser, ambulanser, väktare,
värdetransporter och kollektivtrafik som tunnelbana och bussar.

Vi kommer till Chalmers och berättar om våra ledningssys-
tem och om hur det är att arbeta på Saab. Vi bjuder på mat och
dryck och du får prata med chefer och medarbetare från olika
delar av vår verksamhet.”

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